Fish Her Gear Owner: Amelia (Amy) Slaughter:

 I love to fish and have fished ever since I can remember.  I look for methods to make fishing, catching, photographing, and releasing fish as fun and easy as possible.  My first fishing experience with Northern Pike and Walleye made me start thinking there had to be a means to hold and release these toothy and prickly spine characters without injuring myself  or the fish. I tried all of the products offered commercially and determined that they were too bulky, hard to handle, expensive, caused injury to the fish, or just plain didn't work.  The Fish Handler is lightweight, easy to handle, inexpensive, and does not cause harm to the fish or the angler; perfect for large toothy and prickly spine fish including salt water species.  The Fish Handler Jr. was developed for the smaller fish that anglers love to catch and photo such as trout and crappie.  Anglers that don't like to touch the fish for various reasons love the Fish Handlers!  Devices are Patent Pending

We are a small business focused on developing products to make fishing fun, easier, and safer for both the angler and the fish. 


Fish Her Gear LLC is located in Pinewood Springs, Colorado (just outside of Lyons).  The products developed have been field tested in various forms over several years.  A few common statements from fishermen that have used our product(s): "...this is simple and easy to use";  "...can it get any easier than this"; "...goodbye sore and cut hands"; "...this is worth its weight in gold".

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