Fish HandleR: Instructions for use

The Fish Handlers are easy to use in either your left or right hand

  • Grasp the handle by inserting  3 or 4 fingers through the circular opening, with the device finger pointing upwards.  
  • Insert the device finger under the gill plate of the fish and slide it gently up and out the open mouth.  
  • Lift the fish out of the water, net, or cradle to photograph, measure, weigh, etc.  
  • To release the fish: Place the fish in the water, revive the fish, and gently slide the Handler out of its mouth.  The fish will swim away.
Fish HandleR MIDSIZE
 (Patent pending)

Designed for medium size fish such as Silver Salmon, Kokanee Salmon, smaller Northern Pike, Walleye, Catfish, and many other medium size Fresh/Salt Water Species.


It is not as wide as the Fish Handler and the finger is shorter.


The Fish Handlers are made for durability and DO NOT float.  The Lanyard is 36 inches long and attaches to any of the Fish Handlers using the split ring provided.  It is an inexpensive insurance policy that works by clamping to a secondary point such as a boat seat clamp, a belt loop, a D ring on your fishing vest, etc.  It will save the Fish Handler should it be dropped in the water

Fish HandleR
 (Patent pending)

Designed for larger fish such as Trophy Northern Pike, Tiger Musky, Catfish, Blue Fish, Redfish, Snook, and many other Fresh/Salt Water species.

 It is wider for better hand gripping ability, with a longer finger​​

The Fish Handler: Fishing Tool, Fishing Gear, Fishing Tackle.

However you decide to describe it - one thing is clear - you will love it!